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Meet the Host

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

I’m your host Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. You might know me as an actor, model, and guest judge on the hit TV series, RuPaul’s Drag Race. On IncludrPod, I’ll speak to experts, academics, and everyday people who will share stories you’ve never heard, and help put it all into perspective to provide tips for how to practice inclusion in your daily life. I’m so excited to learn with you, to understand how we can better interact with and accompany one another in a journey that’s positive and empowering.

Headshot of host Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

About the Podcast

IncludrPod invites you to join us as we explore our own everyday thoughts, questions, choices and behaviors, and how you can practice deep inclusion, and kindness in your own life.

In each episode Jeffrey and guests share personal stories and ideas about the importance of inclusion in their daily life, starting with their colleagues and teams at work.

Each episode we ask the tough questions, share experiences and research around a topic focused on fostering inclusion in our everyday lives. In this season we discuss inclusive language, bias, psychological safety, workplace design, and put it all into perspective to provide practical tips to practice inclusion in your everyday life.

Creating a safe space is the foundation of authenticity, and everyone is welcome here!