In Perspective From article Intersectionality, the key to effective DEI initiatives

“The challenge for those wishing to promote inclusivity is to look at employees as complex beings, rather than the most obvious box into which they can be put.”
By Carmen Morris, DEI Consultant A black woman with straight black shoulder-length hair smiles at the camera wearing a black blazer and white collared shirt

We get it—
Dismantling bias and practicing deep inclusion takes work.

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    Hacks for Inclusion. Actionable practices to develop inclusion in your workplace.

    Psychological Safety
    Challenge the rhetoric that threatens the psychological safety in your workplace.

    Employee Resource Groups offer community-based support in a safe place.

    Combat Bias
    Understand how your personal influences are affecting your work and workplace.

    Confront your bias by calling yourself out.

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    Value Diversity
    Diverse leadership is critical to an inclusive workplace.

    Sponsorship programs increase employee engagement and bolster diversity.

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    High-Quality Connections
    Quality relationships are at the core of psychological safety at work.

    Foster a connected work environment despite barriers.